Built for the Apple watch

Now you can get Thinner! By just using your Apple Watch. With Thinner you can see in real time how your calorie input and output track your diet goals every minute of the day.

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Thinner for the Apple Watch - Calorie Dieting

Have you ever wanted to lose weight without the complexity of diet programs and food management? We wanted to build an App that utilises your Apple watch in an informative , actionable and really simple way to help you lose weight.

GREEN is on track, RED is off track


Instant updates on your calorie diet

"Are you ON track or NOT"


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    Realtime tracking of diet position

    See at a glance your current position at any time of the day. Check if your losing weight (GREEN) or gaining weight (RED)

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    Add use Calorie defaults

    A quick easy way to add calories such 'Large breakfast', Small Lunch', 'Medium Dinner'.

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    Quickly add Calories

    Quickly add calorie intake useing the Dial Picker on the watch.

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    Quickly adjust Weight

    Quickly adjust your weight on the watch using the Dial Picker.

Designed to interact mainly from the Apple Watch. After inital setup, keep your iphone in your pocket and track from the watch.

View daily historgram of diet progress

View your overall progress on the iphone for the duration of your diet.


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